Bohemian Movement has several unique and newly released/revamped RPGs to offer! 

Vital Signs:  Welcome to Baltimore City, Maryland. Baltimore is one of America’s most colorful and historical cities inhabited by some of the countries most talented people. However, it’s not always peachy, hon. A city known for it’s medical institutions, things are bound to go wrong and soon enough you’ll find yourself in one of them.

Southern Gateway: A balanced mixture of the old and the new, Louisville is the largest city within the state of Kentucky and homes a wide variety of people from different walks of life. Whether you live in the South End of the city where working is a way of survival just to put food on the table or you live in the East End where money isn’t a question; you tend to find that your not all that different from people of the opposite side.

The Shifters: Welcome to Phoenix, Arizona - home to 1.5 million people. However, if you pay close attention to what lurks in the dessert, what flies in the sky, what swims in the lakes, and hides beneath the streets of Phoenix you’d notice that the city is tainted with mystery. Things are definitely different in the desert. The sky is bigger. The stars are brighter. The sunsets stop you in your tracks, and the people… well you’ll find out.

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